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Large group of SkillsUSA members on capital steps

Experience New Opportunities to Learn and Grow and Get a Head Start on Your Career for Just $20 (Annual Membership)

Membership Resources

Champions Magazine

The digital hub for SkillsUSA Champions magazine, providing inspiring stories and relevant news.


SkillsUSA’s Advocacy Site, allowing members to contact elected officials and media.


The SkillsUSA Alumni and Friends Association’s mission is to help promote SkillsUSA in terms of time, talent and financial resources at all levels – local, district, state and national.


Information and resources for SkillsUSA-related scholarships and grans.


SkillsUSA NH Student Membership Benefits

Whatever career path you’re pursuing, being a student member of SkillsUSANH will provide opportunities that will benefit you for years to come:

  • Joining a community of like-minded peers from diverse backgrounds.

  • Competing in state events geared toward your chosen career area.

  • Experiencing the power of working with a team to achieve common goals.

  • Developing leadership and problem-solving skills.

  • Growing and developing your personal, workplace, and technical skills.

  • Attending professional development training and workshops.

  • Learning marketable skills that will boost your resume.

  • Networking with business and industry professionals.

  • Gaining valuable experience while serving your community.

  • Receiving recognition for achievements in SkillsUSA competitions.

  • Accessing exclusive scholarship opportunities.

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State Competition Areas

Advertising Design (HS & C/PS)
Architectural Drafting (HS & C/PS)
Automated Manufacturing Technology (HS & C/PS)
Automotive Service Technology (HS & C/PS)
Broadcast News Production (HS & C/PS)
Cabinet Making (HS & C/PS)
Carpentry (HS & C/PS)
CNC Technician (HS & C/PS)
Collision Repair Technology (High School)
Commercial Baking (HS & C/PS)
Computer Programming (HS & C/PS)
Cosmetology (HS)
Cosmetology Long Hair (State only contest) (S)
Culinary Arts (HS & C/PS)
Customer Service (HS & C/PS)
Diesel Equipment Technology (HS & C/PS)
Digital Cinema Production (HS & C/PS)
Electrical Construction Wiring (HS & C/PS)
Esthetics (HS & C/PS)

Extemporaneous Speaking (HS & C/PS)

Industrial Motor Control (HS & C/PS)

Information Technology Services (HS & C/PS)

Internetworking (HS & C/PS)

Job Interview (HS & C/PS)

Job Skill Demonstration – A (HS & C/PS)
Job Skill Demonstration – Open (HS & C/PS)
Marine Service Technology (HS & C/PS)
Mobile Robotics (HS & C/PS)
Photography (HS & C/PS)
Pin & T-Shirt Contest (HS & C/PS)
Plumbing (HS & C/PS)
Power Equipment Technology (HS & C/PS)
Prepared Speech (HS & C/PS)
Promotional Bulletin Board (HS & C/PS)
Related Technical Math (HS & C/PS)
Restaurant Service (HS & C/PS)
Robotics and Automation Technology (HS & C/PS)
Technical Computer Applications (HS & C/PS)
Technical Drafting (HS & C/PS)
Telecommunications Cabling (HS & C/PS)
TV / Video Production (HS & C/PS)
Welding (HS & C/PS)
Welding Fabrication (HS & C/PS)
Welding Sculpture (HS & C/PS

Classroom Lecture

Scholarships & Grants Available

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