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2023-2024 Staff

David Lilly 
Executive Director
Jason Strong
Post-Secondary Coordinator
Jason Strong SkillsUSA NH
Kimberly Hannon
State Officer Advisor
Kimberly Hannon SkillsUSA NH
Jeffrey Bratz
Conference Logistics Coordinator
Jeffrey Bratz SkillsUSA NH
Andrea Arseneault

SkillsUSA NH State Staff

2022 - 2023 Board of Directors

Executive Board

President: Robert McIntosh,  Concord Regional Technical Center
Vice-President: Mike Eno, Pinkerton Academy Center for CTE
Secretary: Nicole Bellabona,  Portsmouth Career and Technical Center 
Treasurer: Al Lawrence,  Artisan Electrical Contractors 

Board Members

Industry Partner 1: Al Lawrence, Artisan Electrical Contractors
Industry Partner 2: Jim Rhodes, Delta Air Lines Inc.
Industry Partner 3: Adam Parker, Fratellos
Industry Partner 4: Vacant
Industry Partner 5: Vacant 
Industry Partner 6: Vacant
CTE Director Rep 1: Jen Haskins, Pinkerton Academy Center for CTE
CTE Director Rep 2: Courtney Ritchings, Portsmouth Career and Technical Center
North Region: Mike Eno, Pinkerton Academy Center for CTE
Central Region: Bob McIntosh, Concord Regional Technical Center
Lakes Region: Scott Meserve, Lakes Region Technology Center
South West Region: Patrick Hall (at large), Lakes Region Community College
South Central Region: Vacant
Seacoast Region: Nicole Bellabona,  Portsmouth Career and Technical Center
Post-Secondary: Patrick Hall, (at large), Lakes Region Community College
NH DOE Rep: Diane Lewis
SkillsUSA New Hampshire (Non-Voting): Joshua Brunk, Executive Director

SkillsUSA NH State Officers

2023-2024 State Officer Team

SkillsUSA is a student-led organization. Across the state, we have student leaders serving at various levels that help guide the organization and carry out its mission. Students may run and serve at the local, regional, state, and national level. Please see the application below if you are interested in serving SkillsUSA New Hampshire as a student leader!

Yahli Irelander


Salem CTE Center

John Toscano


Salem CTE Center

Charlotte Scott

Vice President

Salem CTE Center

Madison Lane


Concord Regional Technical Center

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